#4958 – Month of Thanksgiving

Good morning people who enter God’s presence through thanksgiving.

Last year, Father said to me, “A month of thanksgiving will change your life.”

I started this a couple times late last year but never completed it. And then I felt stirred deeply to start the new year with a month of thanksgiving in January.

At the time of writing this, it is January 20th (yes, I do write ahead and pre-post, and no I am not up writing at 3:00am as many people have asked me). Almost three weeks into this month of thanksgiving, I feel an incredible surge of Holy Spirit life in me!

I have spent an extended time daily writing down seven things that I am thankful to God for. I write down something I am thankful for, then I have a written conversation with Father as together we expand on this point of thankfulness.

And I feel to encourage you to make this month of February a month of thanksgiving for you. Imagine the impact on you and those around you!

Today, I encourage you to start by writing down at least three things you are thankful to God for. Be specific. And as you write them down, let the conversation flow.

Tomorrow, I want to share a couple passages of scripture with you as extra fuel.

Then on Thursday, February 3rd, I will share some of the things that I am thankful for (these are things that flowed from my time with Father in January). My prayer is that these will simply be a trigger for you. Remember, this is about a relationship with God, so let it flow and enjoy the power of a month of thanksgiving!