#4844 – Eternal Focus

Good morning people who live from the overflow of gratitude for the gospel.

Colossians 1:3-6a NIV We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people— the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel that has come to you

Sometimes we can struggle with our faith in Christ Jesus and also in our love for all God’s people.

In these times, we need to trace our response back to the trigger and to our primary focus.

Paul writes that this faith and love spring from an eternal focus and from a revelation of the gospel in our own lives.

Please think about this.

When eternity is before our vision, the temporal and the natural loses its grip that so often distorts our reality. Yes, the challenges, difficulties and pressures may be real, but as Paul says elsewhere, they are light and momentary compared with eternity. He was correct.

The other empowering ingredient is a true revelation of the power of the gospel in our own lives. When our focus is on all that God has done for us through His son Jesus Christ, we can’t help but pass it on.

What spring are we drinking from?