#4747 – Is it Valid?

Good morning people who live free in the creation of God

Recently I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s not about degrees. It’s about validity.”

It’s easy to hear about things that people are doing that are “worse” than what we are doing. We put degrees on sin. We can easily think, “At least I’m not that bad.” Or maybe the comparison is with yourself and you think, “At least I’m not doing that anymore.”

It’s great to grow, and we should all desire and pursue this. It’s wonderful if we are maturing in Christ, and we should celebrate not doing some of the sinful things that we used to do.

But I hear the Lord say, “There is a better question to ask.”

Here’s a Spirit-led question that should govern the decisions that we make:

Is it biblically valid?

To be clear, you might want to ask it this way:

Is it pleasing and acceptable to God?

The answer to this insightful question is connected to God’s original design, and therefore, determines the validity of the action we are about to take.

If we ask it, and the answer is NO, don’t do it.

Don’t compare your pending decision with a previous decision. Compare it with its validity in God’s eyes. It is Him we are called to please and honour.