#4546 – God’s Truth

Good morning people who believe what God says in His Word

What is God’s truth dependent on?

God’s truth is most definitely not dependent on people’s opinions, desires or prejudice. Yet, this is often what truth is reduced to. It is shameful and it is foolish.

The days that we are living in are increasingly getting darker. Evil is called good, and good is called evil. Lies are called truth, and truth is called lies.

What has this got to do with truth?

Everything! It is all about the acceptance or denial of God’s truth.

Yet we cannot battle against the deception that is so prevalent with our human arguments. The older I get, the more I realise that my words will not change things.

But my prayers can! Deceived people need a revelation from heaven, and a revelation from heaven is powerfully released through a praying Church.

In our own lives, let’s ask God to bring revelation of His truth to any areas where we don’t see things as He does.

Let us also stand in the gap and pray on behalf of others, both for friends and for enemies. God loves all people, and it is His desire to lead us into all truth.

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