#4459 – The Real Reason

Good morning people who allow the Holy Spirit to work from the inside out

Too often, we focus on symptoms and seeing them change. This can happen medically, but it can equally happen with a focus on behaviour and actions. We see a bad behaviour, and our focus is simply on it stopping – in our lives and in the lives of others.

But there is a reason for the symptom, and until we deal with the root of why the action is happening, there can be no true freedom.

As Christians, freedom is not found in behaviour modification, but in a revelation of truth that works from the inside out.

Here’s a great question to ask ourselves:

Why do I keep on doing this?

Then allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the answer, and from there, bring wonderful healing and freedom.

Lord, take me to roots, not symptoms. This is where freedom is found.

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