#4406 – Sufficient Covering

Good morning people who run to God in times of personal failure

Adam & Eve’s attempt to cover their nakedness didn’t work. They literally made a belt out of leaves.

So what does God do?

Genesis 3:21 NIV The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Strong’s tells us that these garments of skin were ‘animals skins that covered like a tunic or robe’. Now that’s a whole lot better than a belt of leaves!

My point is, God alone can cover us sufficiently, not only as an atonement for our sin, but also the power we need for daily living.

I feel Father wants us to use this starting point to look at some options over the coming days of what we can put on each day.

The truth is, we choose what we wear as we go into our day. We choose whether we are self-led or Spirit-led. We choose whether we clothe ourselves carnally or spiritually.

My prayer and desire is for these days to be an encouragement for us all. My prayer is that we will wake up each day and put on what God has provided.

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