#4383 – Frequent Use

Good morning people who handle God’s Word frequently

Frequency of use increases the mastery of using a drawn sword.

While practice might not make perfect, it certainly increases the effectiveness of what is being practiced.

Soldiers don’t go out into a battle having never used the sword that is strapped to them. No, they have practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced. In fact, the more use that they have had in private, the more effective they will be against an enemy on a battlefield.

The more a Christian uses the sword of God’s Word privately, the better they will be at effectively using it against their spiritual enemy.

It’s time to personally saturate yourself in God’s Word. It’s time to let the Spirit reveal truth to you as you lean in and listen to hear Him speak.

The words on the pages of your Bible are like a sword in its sheath; the potential power is available but it is not in the right position for victory.

As a sword in the hand of a ready and trained soldier, so is God’s Word in the mouth of a submitted follower of Jesus Christ.

The more you use your sword, the more you will master the effective use of your sword.

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.