#4078 – Greater Mess

Good morning people who let God be God

I believe God wants to take us into a season of a greater demonstration of His power.

It is essential that we don’t try to manage what God is doing.

In our desire to ‘defend God’, we are at times guilty of ‘diluting God’ and putting Him in a box called ‘limitation’. 

True freedom cannot exist if free will is removed. Jesus knew this and He wasn’t scared by it.

It is undeniably true that when God moves supernaturally and there are demonstrations of His power, some people react from the flesh. (I believe this would be true of every genuine move of God).

In these times, we see things we don’t like, and instead of seeing it for what it is, (individuals being emotion-led and flesh-led), we deem the whole move of God as wrong.

We do this to our own detriment, missing out on some wonderful times of encounter with our supernatural God Who delights in dong the unexplainable and radically changing people’s lives.