#3968 – Thank You Father

Good morning people who thank Father for His gift of grace

I’m gripped by a phrase that I have been meditating on a lot recently. I feel it was planted in my spirit by Father and I believe it is more powerful than we often think. Here it is:

The power of “Thank You Father!”

Now, don’t switch off or think “Yeah, I know that”. I believe it is more important than we think. I believe it is God’s way, and I believe it is more spiritual than we often consider.

So, I am going to lean into this for a few days, and then I am going to encourage us to do something that will have a profound impact in our lives, and as a result, in other people’s lives.

Today, I want to start by pointing us to the word ‘grace’.

Grace is from God. It is a gift. It is His empowerment. It changes lives.

But it also results in our gratitude.

In the Greek, ‘grace’ means: ‘The divine influence on the heart, and its reflection in the life; including GRATITUDE’

Show me a person that is verbally grateful to God and I will show you a person who has been touched by grace.

Are you grateful to God? Do you verbalise it to Him?

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