#3435 – The Trajectory

Good morning people who allow God to set the direction and height of their life

There is an essential need to measure correctly, that is, to measure how Father measures.

Let God set the trajectory of our life.

This is an interesting word, but it’s what I felt Father say.

In its simplest form, ‘trajectory’ means: ‘the curved path something takes as it moves through space’. This word is often used to describe the combination of direction and height.

As I meditate on Father’s intention, I feel He wants us to not only do the things He has planned for us, but also to go to the heights that He has planned for us.

Sometimes we aim too low. Sometimes God has bigger plans than we are aware of, or if we are aware, than we want to embrace.

But sometimes we can aim too high. God gives different talents, and all measures are valid, including smaller measures. They can (and should) all be increased, but in the safety of wise counsel, let’s ensure we are not stepping beyond Father’s intention for us.

Let God set the trajectory of our life.