#2143 – God’s Character

Good morning people who trust in the goodness of their God

The strategy of the enemy is to get us to question the character of God. Now he does this subtly, but this is what he does – he always has and he always will. But recognising this results in a removal of his power and influence in our lives!

Here’s something I have learnt: When there is a discrepancy between what God says and what God appears to do, the lack is in my understanding, not in God’s character and faithfulness.

Respectfully, to come to any other conclusion is arrogance because we are saying we are right and God is wrong. God is never wrong – ever. My friends, we see in part and know in part. We have limited vision and only see what is happening, not what is going on in the background and in the bigger picture. There is never a lack on God’s part and He never acts out of character with Who He is.

And here’s another thing I know with unshakeable conviction: God is always good and He is always working for my good…always.

This conviction will be tested, but to the degree that it becomes a non-negotiable and unshakeable conviction, is the degree that we will walk in God confidence. The alternative is not even worth contemplating, and that is, God is not sovereign in my life – circumstances and other people are. I refuse to believe or accept this even for a minute because it is not the truth! I don’t care what circumstances or people might scream at me – if they contradict what God says in His Word about me, they are wrong!!! God is my God – not circumstances, people, discrepancies, contradictions, difficulties…NO – God is my God!

Ok, I will settle down now…but let me encourage some of you to fire up! Stop questioning God’s character and start realising the questioning of God’s character has always been the ploy of the enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy your life.

God is always good and He is always working for your good…full stop! 

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