#2068 – True Fruitfulness

Good morning people who want to do God’s will for your life

My life, like yours, is pretty busy. Busy is not bad, but nor is it good. Busy is busy. Therefore being busy should never be a destination to aim for, an evil to avoid, or a badge to be worn. Busy is busy.

God’s desire for us is to be fruitful. True fruitfulness is about accomplishing all that is on God’s agenda for us at a given time, and accomplishing it in a way that we accurately reflect Him. Now that is fruitfulness.

Recently I had a day that was planned out with some things I needed to do (preparing for upcoming ministry). Time was against me, but thankfully God was for me.

Then God spoke to me very clearly and said, “Go into the office because Rosie & Carmen need your input and time on something.” Now this was not in my plans, and naturally speaking, this would put pressure on me and keep me from doing what I deemed to be of highest importance…

…but there was one difference – I know I had heard God speak clearly. And so I left my prep, headed into the office and spent three hours doing what God had asked me to do with Rosie & Carmen in the financial department.

The result was a resolution of a complicated situation they were trying to work out and a tangible sense of God’s peace and favour on me for having done what God asked me to do. That day I discovered that the greater question is not “Did my day go according to plan?” but “Did my day go according to God’s plan?”

I want to encourage you my friends to fulfil God’s plan for your day. This necessitates listening to Him moment by moment. This also necessitates a willingness to change our plans for His plans when He speaks. This can only happen if we are confident we are hearing God’s voice. Listening continually and knowing God’s Word are keys to becoming familiar with God’s voice.

Hearing what God says and doing it is true fruitfulness. 

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