#1297 – Earnest Prayer

Good morning people who are committed to faith,

Have you ever prayed for something that God said was available, but it didn’t happen as you felt it should? I have – many times – and I’m sure you have too.

Acts 12:5 So Peter was kept in prison, but the Church was earnestly praying to God for him.

Recently my wife Sally was unwell. During the night as I was praying for her, I felt indignation at the enemy and was determined to see her healed. I told God I wasn’t going to eat again until she was better, but rather I would spend time praying and fasting for her healing…and I meant it. Her turn around started the next day.

When people we love are in trouble, what do we do?

When we pray do we pray earnestly, or do we pray passively.

I believe this is an area that I need to step up in. How about you?

I wonder if more would shift if some of us prayed a little more earnestly?

I wonder if God is waiting to show Himself strong because He is waiting for some Christians to pray a little more earnestly?

I wonder if God’s intention is that we are more a part of the solution and breakthrough than we currently believe?

Maybe a little more earnest prayer from us would make a great difference to others.