#1236 – Nine Things

Good morning people who live with a purpose

We have been looking at nine things from Exodus 3 that I believe are helpful in us fulfilling our God-given mission. Here they are by way of summary. I pray God brings them alive in your spirit today.

Point number one: In your difficult times, keep meeting with God.

Point number two: Don’t be afraid of spiritual things which don’t make sense.

Point number three: Your current position, in the desert, is a holy place, because God is with you.

Point number four: God cares about people in slavery.

Point number five: God will come and rescue people in slavery…but it will be through you.

Point number six: God knows your limitations but He is not concerned with them.

Point number seven: God promises to be with us.

Point number eight: God prophetically promises success when He authors the mission.

Point number nine: God is everything that we need to accomplish all that He has asked us to do.

May God live large through you, and may all of our lives be lived for the Father’s glory.