#1078 – The Boat

Good morning people God loves enough to change

(By Jim Shaw)

It was midnight when the disciples got down to the edge of the lake. There was a cool breeze blowing and some were wondering if the sea was going to get rough. They had crossed most of the lake by three in the morning when the storm struck, but this time Jesus was not in the boat with them.

They had been rowing with all their strength and were probably disappointed that Jesus seemingly had left them to cope alone and that they were making no progress towards the other side. But as usual Jesus was planning progress in their walk of faith. Their stationary boat represented their life; difficult, uncomfortable and seemingly pointless. They were rowing hard but getting nowhere, representing the best they could do with who they were at the time. But Jesus planned to take them further by getting them out of the boat.

Sometimes when God is trying to shift us to something new, the things we used to be able to do, the status quo, just seems to get harder. We wonder why we struggle so much to do what we’re used to doing. We think it must be a phantom but it’s the wind of God, and what seems to be the enemy opposing us, is actually Jesus assisting us to a new level of faith and walk in the spirit.

Jesus is always calling us to a new position, to a new perspective and a greater experience of His presence and power. But we can only get to that new place by getting out of the boat. Maybe you feel that your boat is in a storm, that you are rowing as hard as you can but with seemingly little progress. Friend, Jesus is drawing near and I have found that when Jesus wants you to go further than you ever thought possible, you will need to get out of the boat.

(Today’s BIY written by Jim Shaw)