#1004 – Powerful Steps

Good morning people who are moving forward with God

(By David McCracken)

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

We have been declaring the power of our anticipation and confessions; and that they create the environment we then live in.

So what then is the answer for those who feel challenged about this area?

Here are some thoughts.

Be honest concerning the past and present. (I am not advocating telling lies about what is a proven reality.) However, do not allow that past or present reality to dominate your anticipation of tomorrow. Break the cycle!

(Honesty concerning yesterday’s negative reality should not become a basis of prediction for tomorrow’s reality.) Is that unreasonable? Yes! In fact, it is supernatural! The Bible calls it FAITH!

Discover what God says about your situation or issue. (Do a Bible Study on that subject.) Find out the truth! The facts are NOT the truth!

Write out on some cards the scriptures that are relevant to your issue.

Use those scriptures as faith-filled proclamations every time your Adversary seeks to get you to revert to a negative anticipation. (Remember Jesus just kept declaring: “It is written.”) Unreasonable? Absolutely! Impossible without the Holy Spirit!! But YOU HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT! And He is filled with the anticipation of Father’s goodness. Learn to draw from Him. Let Him dominate your thinking.

Proactively pursue the positive and constantly talk about it as your new anticipation. Remember: Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT YET SEEN. Talk about it! Remember the power of your confession!! “Death & life are in the power of the tongue…” Proverbs 18:21

Find ways to co-operate with God’s intention by acts of faith, kindness and generosity. ie. Create a new anticipation by believing it in your heart and confessing with your lips, and then, in obedience to that Biblical conviction, begin to act as if it were already a reality. In doing so, you create an environment in which that outcome is able to take place.

Your anticipation will bear fruit!

(Today’s BIY written by David McCracken)