#5061 – Time with God #2

Good morning people who enjoy a walk with your Father.

I follow God’s whisper.

God is really good at knowing what will do me good. He really is. He knows me better than I know myself, and He knows what I need. So, in my times with the Lord, I follow His lead.

I don’t get writing on the wall or hear an audible voice. We must ensure we don’t think everyone has a vivid, undeniable, obvious to everyone else leading from God.

For the most part, God’s leading is a quiet whisper or a thought that comes to you. When your heart is turned towards God and you are intentionally stepping into time with Him, you can trust that this is God taking the lead. So, don’t overthink it – go with it.

I transition when God prompts me to do something different.

I don’t have worship time, then Bible reading time, then prayer time – a structured pattern. I start where I feel God leads me to start, then I enjoy time with Him doing that until I feel led to something different.

I might be reading God’s Word and feel compelled to start praying. So I start praying. I pray until I feel Father lead me to go back to His Word or onto something else. This unforced and unplanned rhythm is what helps me enjoy time with Father most.

For you, having a little more structure really works. If so, brilliant – don’t change it! Don’t copy what works for me if something is already working for you. Go with what works for you.

However, for some of you, your structure may be feeling restrictive, or it has made quiet times a task to do more than a relational encounter; someone to meet with. If so, remove the structure and ask God to lead you from the start. At a whisper or thought, start there and see what happens.

I have another thought that might help you – I’ll share it tomorrow.

#5060 – Time with God #1

Good morning people who have committed to spend daily time with the Lord.

I am often asked about how my daily time with the Lord looks. So, permit me to share a few things about my personal time with God – I pray it helps you on your journey with Him.

I do not have a formula that I follow.

For me, a structured routine of a certain order, length or quantity isn’t conducive to me relationally encountering God. I think it’s really important to keep in mind that our time with Father is not something to do, but it is someone we meet with.

If you think about it naturally, the best relationships don’t have every minute mapped out in advance. No, you catch-up with someone and it flows from there. This is how it is with me and God.

I do not set the agenda.

I start focusing on God and let Him direct me to what He wants me to do. Now this might not work easily for everyone, but this seems to work well for me. Let me be more specific about what I mean.

If I feel He wants to meet with me in His Word, I start there. I often ask Him what He wants me to meditate on and a particular verse or book of the Bible drops into my spirit. I turn there and start slowly reading, expecting God to speak to me.

When He speaks, I stop and mediate further on it, engage in conversation with God about it, and let Him direct where He wants to go from this starting point.

One of the most important truths I could ever pass onto anyone about reading God’s Word is this: Don’t focus on getting through a certain amount of the Bible – focus on meeting with God.

Let’s continue with more tomorrow.

#5059 – God Is

Good morning people who continually think about the wonder of our great God.

God is holy, just and righteous. God is pure and blameless.

God is love, joy and peace. God is patient, gentle and kind.

God is worthy and God is deserving of all our praise, honour and glory.

God is the majesty of heaven and the glory of earth.

God is eternal and everlasting. God is omniscient and omnipresent.

God is forgiving, merciful and faithful. God is good and God is gracious.

God is creative and God is restorative.

God is the author and He is the perfector of our faith.

God is the Great I Am, the bright and morning star, the Father of lights.

God is undefinable and immeasurable. God is near, close and intimate.

Take a few minutes before moving on in your day and write down some more truths about who our God is.

May the Holy Spirit draw you to something beautiful and wonderful today in Him that overflows to everyone you have contact with.

May God be clearly seen by us and through us, and may all of this be for our Father’s glory.

#5058 – God Is Not

Good morning people who believe the truth about who God is.

In our desire to know God better, we must also know who He is not, as well as who He is.

We must not allow our experiences, our fears, our failures, our disappointments, our education, our frustrations, our insecurities, or our pride keep us from seeing God as He actually is.

So, what are some things that God is not?

God is not a theological concept. God is not a theory or a good idea. God is not just an image created by words on a page.

God is not an idol or an image crafted by human hands.

God is not an alternative or an option. God is not one among many.

God is not an empowerer of our wills, a fulfiller of our desires, or a spiritual version of Santa Claus.

God is not a get-out-of-hell free card.

God is not perpetually angry, solemn or serious.

God is not confused, distant, aloof or uninterested.

God is not egotistical, demanding or demeaning.

God is not fragile or insecure.

God is not the equal opposite in power to the devil.

May we all come to know the truth of who God is, and may we all enter more deeply into intimate relationship through this revelation.

#5057 – God’s Goodness

Good morning people who continue to go deeper in who God is.

2 Peter 1:3 NIV His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

I was going to move on from this verse, but I feel there is something else that Father wants us to see. So, please take a further look with me.

For many of us, we are continually trying to do better. In other words, we have a deep desire to be good. This is not a bad thing, in fact, I would say that wanting to be and do good is wonderful.

But the problem is, our starting point is often in the wrong place.

Peter tells us in this verse that our godly life is found in our knowledge of God’s goodness. Let’s meditate on this today.

Our goodness never finds its origin in our goodness, but only in God’s goodness!

And here’s the empowering part that I feel we often miss: The more we focus on God’s goodness – not on ours – the more we become like what we are beholding! In other words, the best way to do good is to focus on God’s goodness.

Doesn’t this sound better than the way that we often do it!

I am going to state again what I have stated countless times in my life: Everything eternally worthwhile comes back to knowing God better!

May His goodness consume and overwhelm you today as you meditate on who God is.