#91 – Still Listening

Good morning wonderful children of God

Yesterday we mentioned the need to STOP and be quiet. Well here’s another thing I’ve found about listening to God.

1. Obey God on the small things and He will speak on the larger things. This has honestly been a huge key in my life. God often speaks on little insignificant things that to us might not even matter. He speaks to me about calling someone, picking up a piece of paper, going for a walk, stop reading now etc. Does God care about all this? I don’t think so but God does want to know if I am listening. He also wants to know if I will obey on the small things to see if He can trust me with the bigger things.

Luke 19:17 Because you have been faithful with little, I will trust you with much.

The voice in your head will be the devil, yourself or God. If it’s contrary to the Word; DON’T DO IT. If you are walking with God and it is neutral, my advice is do it even if it sounds a little strange. Many times I think it is the Holy Spirit seeing if we are listening. Our response determines whether He can trust us with more.