#5804 – Authenticity is Imperative

Good morning people who live pure lives that accurately represent and re-present God.

The word authentic means, ‘genuine; of undisputed origin and not a copy’.

Jesus’ accuracy (His exact representation of His Father) was due to His authenticity: Jesus came from heaven to earth.

Prophecy’s accuracy is due to its authenticity: it comes from heaven to earth.

Prophecy is not my opinions, my feelings, my thoughts or my good ideas.

Prophecy is not a corrective measure I use for those who I am ticked off with.

God is restoring PURITY in the prophetic.

The word purity means, ‘free from contamination, no mixture, nothing added or subtracted’.

24 carat gold is 24 parts out of 24 parts pure gold. There is nothing added to it. 18 carat gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts added elements to make it cheaper and more accessible to more people. It is still gold, but it is not pure gold. It still looks good, but it is not pure gold.

In this imperfect example of gold, it doesn’t matter that it is not pure gold, but it does matter when it comes to the prophetic.

If it’s not completely OF GOD in origin, then it’s not prophetic. If I hear Father say something and then I add to it or take away from it, then it is no longer authentic. If it’s not authentic, then it’s not helpful.

Our lives are also to be pure. Our lives are to be lived from heaven to earth. Jesus told us to pray this way, and our lives should be congruent with our prayers. Jesus lived from heaven to earth, and He prayed from heaven to earth. May we live and do the same.