#376 – Let None Remain

Good morning imitators of God

Yesterday we looked at imitating God in how we live. In context of this we read the following (I’ve added my thoughts in brackets).

Ephesians 5:3-4 But among you (people who are wanting to imitate God and follow His example; that’s you and I) there must not be even a hint (it’s not just about the excesses of sin; we mustn’t allow even little things to remain in us that offend God’s heart) of sexual immorality (fair enough), or of any kind of impurity (ok), or of greed (hold on God! I understand no sexual immorality or impurity but why would you put greed in with those two?), because these (yes greed as well) are improper for God’s holy people (remember we’re talking about imitating God). Nor should there be obscenity (bad language), foolish talk (saying things that are unhelpful and unnecessary) or coarse joking (did you have to put that one in there God? After all, it’s just a joke! Surely You’re not offended by a joke; are you?), which are out of place (again, it’s out of place for those who want to imitate God), but rather thanksgiving (here’s the antidote; live a life of thanksgiving; being appreciative of what God has done in us and for us).

I want to always encourage us forward in BIY; that’s my desire and I believe it is God’s intention. But sometimes in my own life and in yours as well, we need to balance the much needed supply of grace with some life-saving truth. The reason why we are told the above is not condemnation, it is because God wants us to live a life of rulership (this was God’s original intention) and freedom (living within God’s boundaries and free from painful consequences).

In the next three verses we are told what will happen if we ignore the above mentioned instructions (you can read it in verses 5-7).We will lose our right to exercise kingdom authority and God will judge us for our actions. God doesn’t want this so today let’s be encouraged to put away all of these things as we continue to focus on imitating God and living free.