#362 – No Other Gods

Good morning people who worship God

Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods besides me.

Here’s a simple thought today but we must look at it through the eyes of God’s intention for giving the commandments. Remember it is and still is because God wants to keep us walking in freedom because He loves us so much. Freedom is living within God’s boundaries and living as God originally intended us to walk.

Now this verse is very clear; we are to have no other gods or idols besides God. This is really God saying “Don’t give your affection, attention, love, devotion or time to anything more than Me”. He says this because He knows that our great joy and freedom comes from Him alone.

When we think about other gods in our life, we sometimes narrow it just to ‘carnal’ things like work, sports, entertainment and friendships. For some, these are things that rob us of time and focus on God. Remember God wants to be involved in and Lord of everything we do and we can live our lives enjoying these things by ‘acknowledging Him in all of our ways”.

I also feel today that sometimes the very gifts that God gives us can become gods in our lives. When we spend too much time working for God and not enough time being with Him, this is a form of idol worship; making something else a priority over the One true God. Anything that takes our focus off God Himself can become an idol in our lives.
My encouragement today is to recommit our lives to always making God number one. Let’s be grateful for the good things He has given to us but let’s ensure He alone is worshipped and He is given the place of supremacy in our affection, attention, love, devotion and time. He is worthy of the highest praise.