#355 – Good Soil

Good morning fruitful people of God

Luke 8:15 But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the Word, retain it, and by perseverance produce a crop.

I know we all want to have good soil and bear much fruit. How do we do that? There are many ingredients but let’s think about the four mentioned in this verse.

1. Guard your heart. This verse talks about having a ‘noble and good heart’. This doesn’t happen by accident but it is a deliberate focus. The Bible tells us to ‘guard our heart because the issues of life flow out of it’.

2. Listen to what the Word says. The word used here is those who ‘hear’ the Word. We need to ensure we are listening with our hearts and spiritual perception and not simply hearing with our ears.

3. Live in the Word and by the Word. We need to hear the Word with our hearts but we also need to meditate on it continually. The Holy Spirit draws out what we have put in. We need to be like a cow that chews the cud; we need to constantly mull over and think about what the Word says so that we can live our lives by it.

4. Persevere; never ever give up. There is a lot that happens between planting seeds and a crop being produced. There are seasons that come and some of those times are the coolness and harshness of winter. But God knows what He is doing both in the natural and in the spiritual. Commit to walking through all seasons with the end result in mind; ‘becoming mature and complete, not lacking anything’ (James 1:4).