#322 – Wrong Places

Good morning wise people

Proverbs is full of warnings against inappropriate sexual behaviour. It was needed thousands of years ago and I’m sure you’ll agree we need to listen to these words in the 21st Century.

One of the principles is we must avoid being in the wrong place. It’s no use unnecessarily putting ourselves in places of temptation; being somewhere we don’t need to be. Have a look at the wording of the following passage as it talks about a foolish young man and a prostitute.

Proverbs 7:7-9 I saw among the simple, I noticed among the young men, a youth who lacked judgement. He was going down the street near her corner, walking along in the direction of her house at twilight, as the day was fading, as the dark of night set in.

We must be wise. He shouldn’t have even gone ‘near her corner’ and he definitely should have stayed away at the time of day that it was. This passage repeats the time of day in different words three times; it’s like the author is saying “He knew what time it was and what happens at that time