#3095 – Whenever

Good morning people who do what God says when He says to do it

I surrender all’ means – WHATEVER, WHENEVER, WHEREVER

“As we seek to step into, the fullness, OF WHAT FATHER HAS, FOR US, are we willing to do whatever He tells us to do, WHENEVER He tells us to do it?”

It’s not just about doing what God wants us to do – it’s about doing it when He wants us to do it. God’s will and God’s timing must marry.

Sometimes we say, “Yes Lord”, but follow it up with “But not just yet”.

Now, we wouldn’t say it that bluntly, but let me ask you a question:

“Is there something, anything, that God has asked you to do and you know that now is the time, but you are not quite ready to do it?”

I’m not talking about running ahead of God, nor am I talking about times when God is silent on the timing. I’m talking about the times we know it is the right time, but we don’t think we’re ready.

Respectfully, we don’t know better than God. And maybe that lack that keeps us from stepping out now is actually the opportunity for Father to get the glory.

“Will you let Father set the timing as well as the agenda?”

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