#294 – Coming Back

Good morning children of God

I feel compelled to remind us all today that Jesus Christ is coming back one day! This is fantastic and awesome news yet there is a serious warning for us also.

Many people spend their lives trying to work out when He’s coming back. The truth is no one knows, not even the experts, but He is coming. So what is the most important thing for us to consider when we think about His second coming?

It is simply that we must be ready. Too many people who are living half-hearted Christian lives feel that they have plenty of time; one day I will get serious with God and will put things right; I will stop living for myself and I will live fully for Him. The Bible speaks clearly about those who are lukewarm and don’t forget He is speaking to those in the Church (Revelation 3:14-22). You don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you. You don’t know the time of the Lord’s return or the time that He will call you home. Man does not know and we never will.

But we can and we must live right today. Today is the day for us to live for Jesus Christ and to love Him with all of our hearts, soul, mind and strength. Today is that day. Do not put off till tomorrow what you feel stirring in you today. Tomorrow is not a guarantee but you do have right now. Some of you need to put things right with God right now. You are tempted to put it off; don’t. God is giving you a window of opportunity now to repent and to acknowledge Christ’s Lordship in your life