A prophetic perspective of the coronavirus

Hello dear friends

‘Perspective’ is not just ‘seeing something’, but it is seeing something ‘in relation to someone or something else’. Everyone sees the reality of the coronavirus, but as Christians, it is imperative that we have God’s perspective on this natural reality. 

So, what is God saying to His people right now? It’s time for Christians to live in faith while being sensitive to people’s feelings. It’s time for the Gospel to spread globally through online messengers. It’s time for the Church to have a kingdom focus during this natural disaster. It’s time for followers of Christ to plan wisely, but not to live fatalistically. It’s time for the people of God to be generous in their practical expression of Love. It’s time to remain in God. It’s time to pray.  It’s time to be people of God, led by the Spirit of God, releasing the kingdom of God. 

Together we will see the Gospel outspread the coronavirus!! 

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