#741 – An Important Issue

Good morning people hungry for truth

We are now into the third year of BIY and I want to praise God for the incredible testimonies that many have sent me. Thank you very much for sharing the journey of life with me and trusting me to speak God’s Word into your hearts. I am privileged and blessed.

This year I will at times invite some key people in my life to write on some important issues so that you can be blessed by them, as I have been. For the next week, you will have the absolute privilege of hearing from one of the most influential people in my life – my amazing mum, Margaret McCracken.

My mum is going to share on some keys that have enabled her and Dad to stay married for 40 years this November. This is a vital need in the world today because the deathrate of marriages is approaching 50 percent. This is a devastating statistic and one that most of the time is avoidable. Unfortunately many people enter marriage these days from a different foundation than God laid and the results speak for themselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way and this week we want to encourage you forward as together we commit to honouring God in our marriages, and indeed all our relationships.

Some of the marriage-enriching principles mum is going to share plus lots more can be heard on our DVD set ‘The Marriage Journey’. We must invest into our marriages and learn from those who have done it well if we are ever going to see this dreadful statistic diminish! We must do something now! That is why I confidently recommend this 4-session resource. This is an informal interview style seminar, where I ask mum and dad some questions and they are very transparent and honest in their answers. You will laugh and you will be blessed. You will be empowered to move forward in your marriage.

To order this marriage-saving resource, please order it at our online store. Here’s the link: http://davidmccracken.securestore.com.au/product_details.asp?id=101067

Today I pray we all STOP and ask God to help us honour Him and others in all of our relationships.