#704 – God Of Truth

Good morning people who desire to know God better

Psalm 18:30 As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.

Yesterday we talked about God being complete in and of Himself. God is perfect in all His ways.

God is also perfect in His integrity; He is absolute truth and completely upright. If God declares something, it is. His Word is truth. But God’s truth, unlike ours, is creative and not just a declaration of what has happened. Let me go deeper.

When we tell the truth, we are speaking accurately about what has been. When people recount an event and they speak the facts as they happened, they are telling the truth. Truth for humans is based in facts.

But God is truth and everything He speaks is truth, whether it has happened or is yet to happen; whether it is a fact or not. The truth of God’s Word is creative in its power. When God declares something that is not, He is not being inaccurate or lacking integrity; He is creating something with that which He speaks. His words are truth and His words are life.

God’s words can create facts or change facts. Man cannot walk on water, that’s a fact. But God declared it so and it happened. You cannot multiply loaves and fish, that’s a fact. But God declared it so and it happened. You can’t create something from nothing, that’s a fact. But God declared it so and it happened.

Being people of honesty and integrity is based on what we say and what we do matching up completely. The problem is we all have times when our best is not good enough and we fall short. Sometimes we promise and although we fully intend to do all that we say, our humanity sometimes lets us down – but not so with God. His word and His actions always perfectly align and they are always truth.

We serve a God who is perfect in truth.