#5699 – Foolish Living

Good morning people who are humble enough to trust and honour the sovereignty of God.

Proverbs 1:7 MEV The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

People who fear the Lord – who reverence and fear Him – can start to enter into knowledge. Those who don’t, can’t.

‘Fools despise wisdom and instruction’.

The word fool means to be perverse. This is intense, and yet perverse means contrary to the accepted or expected standard or practice. We reduce perverse down to disgusting beyond words (and it often goes there), but it starts with going against God’s intended creational kingdom ways.

The word despise means disrespect. Like we talked about with the word fool, we can also reduce despise down to feel contempt or deep repugnant for (which is what the dictionary defines it as). And yet, in the original Hebrew, it means disrespect, which simply means a lack of respect.

People do not respect what they do not value and obey. People who say that they respect God, and yet they disobey His clear commands, do not respect Him. By its very biblical definition, this is foolish living, and fools cannot know and enter into the wisdom of God.

It’s also sad that many fools believe that they are wise. Some may have ‘natural knowledge of natural things’, but they are not wise. This is becoming more and more evident in the times that we live in.

I’m aware that this is a confronting BIY. I don’t apologise for this because I am speaking the truth according to the Bible. And it is this very reality that needs to be reclaimed: biblical truth.

How is your covenantal commitment to seeking out and living by God’s kingdom truth?

May we shine a light that is congruent and in harmony with God and His precious and powerful Word.