#5549 – Grow or Go

Good morning people who yield to the deep pruning of God in your life.

Here’s the focus I find myself in during this Spring season:

If it’s of God, let it grow. If it’s not of God, let it go. He must increase, I must decrease.

We are in a spiritual spring cleaning time as the church. God is lovingly, yet definitely, putting His finger on that which is not of Him. He does so because He loves us too much to leave us as we are. We need His help to rightly discern our heart and motives.

My prayer is that anything born of God will grow in our lives during this season. I pray that our time with the Lord will deepen. I pray that our revelation of the truth will increase. I pray that how we live our lives will more accurately reflect the God of our lives.

My prayer is that His dreams and visions and callings will come to the forefront of our minds and our decisions. I pray that we will be Spirit-led in every moment and for every purpose. I pray that there will be an increase in signs, wonders and miracles in and through our lives. May God be seen!

I also pray that everything not born of God will go. Every distraction will be removed and every sin will be dealt with. I pray that addictions will be broken and wrong mindsets will be replaced with indwelling truth. I pray that delays to obedience will be redirected into wholehearted, full and immediate obedience to every whisper of God.

I have a simple prayer, and today, I pray it for you:

Lord, make us more like Jesus. Amen.