#5538 – See & Testify

Good morning people whose life shines brightly in your witness of Jesus Christ.

John 1:34 NIV “I have seen and I testify that this is God’s Chosen One.”

This was John the Baptist’s call: to see and testify that Jesus is God’s Chosen One.

This is your call too.

Oh, how the world today needs an encounter with Christians who have encountered God! People who see Jesus and who testify about Jesus are people who change the world.

It’s not time to be silent!

It’s not time to be insecure or self-focused.

It’s time for passionate lovers of Jesus to emerge from their secret place of intimacy with the Father!

We see God best when we look at God most. It truly is that simple. If we look more, we will see more. If we pursue more, we will find more.

And I am finding in increasing measure, that the greatest place of seeing God is through entering into intimacy with Him in times of saturation and meditation on His Word. I can’t get enough! I want more! And I am prioritising more.

How is your pursuit of God going?