#5535 – About Yourself

Good morning people who receive revelation from heaven about who you are.

John 1:22 NIV Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?

The above questions were asked of John the Baptist, and they are essential questions for all of us to ask and to have a clear answer on.

Where do you get your identity from?

If it’s not from God and His Word, then our identity can only be incorrect. Too many answers to these questions are either inferior or superior, and yet they need to be biblical.

Do you believe what God says about you or is your identity anchored in something else?

Even when God clearly shows up, our focus can be on our lack and not on what God is saying. Jeremiah, Moses and Gideon instantly come to mind, but they are by no means an exclusive list. The bible and history are filled with people who saw themselves incorrectly.

I believe that these are days where Father is doing a deep revival work in the hearts of His dearly loved children. He is cutting away what needs to be cut away and He is adding what needs to be added.

But we must yield to this work of transformation and embrace it as the gift that it is. God corrects because He loves, and He is correcting our identity as sons and daughters.

So, what do you say about yourself?