#5511 – Don’t Tone it Down

Good morning people who do not go silent about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

I recently heard the Lord say, “Don’t tone down what Jesus paid for.”

Jesus paid for your freedom by paying for your sins!

It’s not time to go quiet or to stay silent about the power of Jesus!

The world most definitely is not silent or toning down what they are passionate about. People that are pursuing the path of perversion in its many different forms don’t tone anything down! They are ‘in your face’ in the most offensive ways.

Now, I am not saying to be offensive by getting in people’s faces.

But I am saying that we must step into greater levels of spiritual boldness and kingdom authority, regardless of outcomes or persecution!

We must not change the message of the gospel of the kingdom because it is not politically correct.

We must not try to appease people and call it anything other than compromise.

It’s time for the church to live like Jesus died. It costs everything. It is painful. And yet there is also abundant life in the unchanging truth of who Jesus is and in all that He paid for, for us.

It’s time to get bold!