#5385 – Covered & Protected

Good morning people who live fully dressed and ready for battle.

The armour we are to use is God’s armour, not ours; it’s the armour of God.

God’s armour protects us from the devil’s schemes winning in our lives. The enemy will still attack, but he will not gain the victory.

Every battle we face has its root in the spiritual realm, not in the natural realm. As such, we can always walk in and stay in victory.

Armour #1 is God’s truth. It is the reality of what is true to God. This is what we must put on so that we do not leave ourselves exposed to the subtlety of the devil’s lies and deception. The question to be asked is, “Is this true?” If not, reject it as the lie that it is!

Armour #2 is God’s righteousness. Our right standing with God protects our heart from being misled and drawn away.

Armour #3 is God’s peace. The good news of God and all He has done for us brings us peace. This is what will lead us step by step in our lives.

Armour #4 is God’s faith. Our shield of protection is not our confidence in God, but it is His confidence in us as we remain in Him! When we know God is fully for us, the fiery darts of the enemy are powerless. I hear the Father say, “You’ve got this My child! I believe in you!”

Armour #5 is God’s salvation. It’s time for the joy of God’s salvation to be restored in our lives. He saved us. We can’t save ourselves. This is the right protection for our minds. 

Armour #6 is God’s Word. The sword we wield against the devil is the power of “It is written!” We don’t fight with what originates in us, but only by what originates in God. The sword we use is on the foundation and conviction of the first five pieces of armour being in their right place; it is upon the foundation of our right identity.

I pray you are covered and protected today as you intentionally put on the full armour of God.