#5380 – Praying People

Good morning people who push past the point of discomfort in prayer.

Luke 5:16 NIV But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Many people have a wrong perception of praying people.

Many think that it is always easy for them, it is always something they want to do, and it is always filled with a sense of deep wonderful feelings.

The truth is, prayer is not always easy or comfortable. Sometimes it even feels like hard work.

Jesus withdrew to lonely places to pray, and His disciples fell asleep during a time of prayer – multiple times!

Sometimes it takes great perseverance to pray – this is the absolute truth. It is for me, it is for you, and it will be for others.

Sure, it is an incredible privilege to talk with the Father. This is always the reality of prayer. But it is also a reality that our flesh doesn’t always want to pray.

So, I see a shift of perspective coming to some of you reading this today. Your thought has been that it is difficult on you to step into the deep place of prayer, and it is easy for others. No, actually, it is sometimes an opportunity for perseverance for all of us. This is the truth.

These are days of increased prayer for the people of God. These are days to set aside time – more time than previously – and it is also time to make a commitment, that even in difficult times and lonely times, we will be people of prayer.

This is how God is glorified by His children.