#5359 – Truthful Identity

Good morning people who do not succumb to an identity crisis.

As I typed my greeting, I was gripped by the reality that our world is indeed suffering from a terrible lack of knowing their true identity. This affects every person outside of Christ, and unfortunately, it can also affect many who are born again.

The first identity crisis that must be clarified by truth is in regards to people seeing God accurately.

God is not subject to our desire for Him to be what suits us. We just need to look at the devastating example of the children of Israel when they tried to fashion God into an image that was tangible. The golden calf destroyed many.

The Bible is where we discover the truth of who God is. The Holy Spirit who breathed on people in the writing of the scriptures, is the same Holy Spirit who must breathe upon readers today if we are going to see through spiritual eyes. Human knowledge is completely insufficient to understand even the start of a limitless and eternal God! We need God in order to know God!

The second identity crisis that must be clarified by truth, is in regards to people seeing themselves accurately.

We were not created by chance or accident! We are divinely created by the God of Wisdom Himself!

We were not created ambiguous or fluid! We were divinely created as male or female by God!

We were not created to be who we want to be, nor to do what we want to do! We were created by the perfect God who pre-determined our lives in accordance with His good, perfect and pleasing will!

Do you want to know who God is? Do you want to know who you are?

Dive humbly and sincerely into God’s Word, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. Then receive revelation from heaven and live according to what God says.