#5301 – Father’s Heart

Good morning people who pursue hearing what is on Father’s heart for other people.

It is absolutely wonderful and essential to know what God’s Word says. I am a huge advocate for this and I cannot overstate the importance of it.

But we can know what God’s Word says, and yet still not know what’s on His heart.

I am being increasingly stirred by God as a minister, to not just preach God’s Word, but to reveal God’s heart.

I find myself leaning deeply into knowing, perceiving and displaying Father’s heart to people.

When I am praying for people, I don’t just want to give an apt scripture. I want to convey Father’s heart.

Many times, this will include a scripture, but it is not primarily just about the scripture. It’s about people encountering the Author of the scriptures.

When we see problems in people’s lives, do we instinctively go to a scripture that they are violating or that they need to embrace, or do we go directly to asking, “Father, what is on Your heart for them right now?”

This will not result in compromise or lowering standards. This will actually result in the increased potential of true and lasting transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit!

People need an encounter with the Father. People need to know Father’s heart for them.

You and I are those who are called to know Father and to reflect His heart to others.