#5300 – Sit and Listen

Good morning people who use God’s gift of time to sit with Him and listen to Him.

One of the greatest things we can ever do is to sit and listen to God.

Prayer is not just about talking to God and bringing our requests to Him. This is a vital part of prayer, but it is not the pinnacle of prayer.

There is a depth of relationship that is strengthened when we sit with the Lord. This may be a literal sitting, or it may be walking with Him. The main point is that it is time just between us and the Lord.

And the focus of this time is to listen to God. By this, I don’t mean solely listening to God for answers to the questions we are asking, albeit this is very important. In this post, I am talking about asking the Lord what is on His heart. It truly is that simple and pure.

To use my own words, I often ask Father, “What is on Your heart right now?”

The truth is, what is on God’s heart is limitless, because He is limitless. But in these moments between my Father and me as His son, He can so wonderfully drop into my heart what He knows is best for me to hear in that moment.

Sometimes what Father speaks in these moments is something for me. But many times, what He speaks is beyond just me. He loves to share His heart for the church, the lost, and the many people that I am in relationship with. Sometimes He speaks prophetically to me for someone who He knows needs a word of encouragement in that moment.

So I listen, and then I lean in. I enter into a conversation with Father, and in those moments, I know I am praying Father’s will because it is Father who initiated the subject of the conversation.

I encourage you to sit with the Lord and to listen to Him.