#5298 – Now is the Time

Good morning people who purpose to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.

I hear the Lord saying to someone today, “Now is the time!”

I want to be careful as I release this word, because the truth is, people can make this word mean what they want it to mean. By this, I am saying, that some people who have made up their mind to do something out of the will of God can say, “Well, Steve said, now is the time!”

This word is not about that. In fact, the word of the Lord to you if this is the intention of your heart is this, “Now is the time to repent and realign to God’s kingdom ways.”

But for some of you who have felt a holy stirring for some time now, and you have a sense that God is telling you to move forward and take a step of faith, to you I say, “Now is the time!’

I believe there is a supernatural grace available for bold steps of faith-filled obedience. Please read the wording of this again.

When God authors something, He provides for it and empowers us to walk into the fulfilment of it. Our steps of faith and obedience honour God.

For some of you, I see dreams that have been put on the shelf for a long time, now being taken off the shelf. I feel that this is an appointed time for many.

May the Holy Spirit make this clear to you as you lean in and listen with a submitted heart.