#5274 – Faith for New Beginnings

Good morning people who are on the cusp of a new season in God. 

My Dad, David McCracken, is a man who lives a life of deep faith. He has a confident trust in God’s goodness and His faithfulness. His life has been marked by miracle after miracle – he has talked the talk, but he has also walked the walk. 

Dad is a pioneer and a trailblazer for kingdom advancement. He passionately believes that God is who He says He is and that we are who He says we are. Upon this foundation, Dad believes that God’s plan for us will be a faith journey of taking new ground for the glory of God. 

As we meditate on this today, I want to highly recommend to you a new 7-day YouVersion devotional Faith for new beginnings’ from Dad on this very subject. 

In the opening words, here’s what Dad writes: 

“Have you ever dared to dream for new beginnings, but wondered when they would happen? Has God said that it is time for change, but you are wondering what it looks like? Have you been challenged to take a new horizon in faith but wondered how it will look? 

New beginnings are birthed in hope – a dream born out of hearing God speak to our hearts. And new beginnings always involve an increase of faith. Possessing the next chapter requires a fresh revelation of the divine intention of the Father’s heart.”

Through this devotion, you will encounter God’s heart for you and your faith will be stirred to believe and take the next step. May you be greatly blessed by this rich resource from my Dad, David McCracken.

Start the ‘Faith For New Beginnings’ devotional plan.