#5222 – Made Holy in Christ

Good morning people who are born again by the Spirit through Christ Jesus.

John 17:19 NIV “For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified.”

No one can be holy by themselves. We can’t be good enough by our own works.

Yet Jesus was perfect. He was holy, righteous and blameless. This is how He came to earth and this is who He is.

And in His prayer to His Father, He made the most wonderful connection between His holiness and ours!

He said, “For them I sanctify myself (to be holy), that they too may be truly sanctified (be made holy)!”

Being alive in Christ is no small deal! The life of Jesus changed everything!

When we are born again, we literally become alive in Christ. This is not about degrees of improvement. We become a new creation!

Everything Jesus accomplished, He did so for us to be returned to Adam & Eve’s pre-fall condition!

Our existence was created by God. He is the Author of life! And Jesus came to reconnect us to Father’s plan through a rebirth!

Your life is significant!