#5138 – Fully Alive in God

Good morning people who are hidden in Christ and alive by the Spirit.

John 14:20 NIV “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.”

Again, the context of Jesus speaking here is Him sending the Holy Spirit to come and be with us and to live in us. It’s a beautiful and wonderful truth; God with us; God in us.

Now listen to the language of Jesus. This is some of the most reassuring and revealing truth in the entire Bible. This is life-changing.

On the day the Spirit of God comes to be with us and to live in us, we will realise that Jesus is in His Father, and that we are in Jesus, and that Jesus is in us. I’m speechless.

If Jesus is in His Father and we are in Jesus, then that means we are in the Father too! We are hidden in Christ, in the Father. And this is through the Holy Spirit living in us!

Being born again is no small matter. Eternal life is not about behaviour modification, nor is it about a better life here on earth. Eternal life is living fully alive with God and in God – both here and forever and ever!!

If you have submitted your life to the Lordship of Jesus, here’s the most beautiful and wonderful truth:

The Father + the Son + the Holy Spirit + you = your life!

This is our present reality! This is the truth! This is life itself!!