#5108 – Father and Son

Good morning dearly loved children of God.

John 14:1 NIV “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.

Jesus came from His Father and Jesus returned to His Father. The bond between Jesus and His Father is immeasurable. So too is their unity and their oneness.

In this verse, Jesus is talking to His disciples; His followers who were called to walk with Him and learn from Him. He was their rabbi and their teacher.

But it wasn’t about them learning some information. It was and still is about people encountering God and entering into a deepening relationship with Him. This is why Jesus came.

Jesus knew that many people – including many religious scholars – believed in God. They knew the stories of how God moved miraculously as they read the Torah. The reality is, most knew about God, but fewer knew God.

In this verse, I see Jesus taking His disciples from the impersonal into the personal; from a God that they had heard about and who they were religiously trying to please, into a living and wonderful relationship with God.

And He did this by identifying that He is the door to the Father. Jesus is the entry way into eternal life; into knowing God the Father and Jesus His Son. Jesus connected His Father and Himself into one indivisible belief.

And this truth spoken by Jesus is still the truth today. We can’t know God the Father without knowing God the Son. All religions do not lead to the same God. Only Jesus is the Saviour of the world and the King most high.

May we believe in God the Father and believe in Jesus His Son.