#5098 – The End Game

Good morning people who keep the big picture in mind.

I heard the Lord say, “Have patience for the end game.”

In our fast-paced and “give it to me now” world, patience is a dying virtue. Many don’t save up for purchases anymore, and microwaves are hurriedly willed on and the countdown is stopped at 1 or 2 seconds because we can’t wait any longer! Impatience is an epidemic!

I find it very interesting that Jesus had the whole world to save, and yet He finished school, studied and worked as a carpenter for many years, and then only started His life-saving mission at the age of 30! Talk about not being in a rush! Talk about patience for the end game!

Sometimes we are putting too much pressure on ourselves. Alternatively, sometimes we are not taking seriously enough the most important things in life.

Eternal life is more important than a fun “give me what I want now” life.

When eternal life and a deepening relationship with God are our priority and focus, our decisions will change. ‘Here and now’ will be replaced with ‘now and forever’. ‘Instant’ will be replaced with ‘eternal’. ‘Self-focused’ will be replaced with ‘God-focused’.

Are you making instantly gratifying decisions or eternally minded decisions?