#5097 – Balanced & Simple

Good morning people who live a life that is flowing from the grace of God.

I heard the Lord say, “Live a balanced and simple life.”

Sometimes our problem is giving too much attention to an OK thing, but doing so at the expense of giving necessary time to something better.

Hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing games, enjoying music (and the list goes on) are not wrong things to do (although some of the content of some of these things most definitely can be wrong). We need to choose wisely and in a God-honouring way who we hang out with, what we watch and what we listen to.

But where we can get imbalanced is when we are doing these things more than spending time with the Lord and spiritually feeding ourselves and maturing in God. Sometimes I hear the Lord say, “Hey, I’m over here, and I would love to spend some time with you.”

And this flows into a simple life. Maybe another way of phrasing this is ‘a contented life.’

Too often we are chasing the next high, the next rush, the next thrill, or the next exciting thing. The problem with this is that the appetite will only grow. This is where addictions can be formed even to OK things.

Again, I’m not being legalistic and I’m not telling you to throw your TV away. I’m speaking to what drives us and what consumes us. I’m speaking to what we give our time and attention to the most.

When God is our greatest priority, a balanced and simple life will be the result. Not an easy life, nor a problem-free life. But a more deeply contented life that comes from the main thing being the main thing, and that is God Himself.

How are the rhythms and priorities of your life?