#5096 – Better Ways

Good morning people who seek to discover the ways of God.

In this year of discovery, I heard the Lord say, “Learn better ways.”

Too often we reduce the will of God down to right or wrong. While I unshakeably and unequivocally believe in right and wrong – otherwise known as good and evil – sometimes our challenge is in choosing best over good.

What is best is what God desires in a given moment. If Joshua had held up a staff to part the Jordan River, it wouldn’t have worked. Not because holding up a staff was bad – Moses did it and it parted the Red Sea. The reason it wouldn’t have worked and the reason that it wasn’t best is because God had told him to do something different. The key was what God was saying and leading in that moment.

And so it is true in our lives today. Your choices are not always going to be between good and evil. Sometimes your necessary choices are between good and best, and it is the Holy Spirit leading that determines this.

Now it’s important to add here that the Holy Spirit needs to be invited to lead you. Some people say that God hasn’t said anything, but the reality is that they may not have been meditating on God’s Word or asking Him what is on His heart. We can’t say God isn’t speaking if we are not humbly listening, not for our will, but for His.

What does Father want to get your attention on today?