#5089 – A Crossroad

Good morning people who find yourself at decision time.

Some of you are at a crossroad; an intersection of different options where a decision needs to be made.

I hear the Lord say, “Choose wisely.”

It’s not always about a right or wrong decision. Sometimes it is about what is best in this season.

It’s not always about what is easiest or most comfortable. In fact, I hear the Lord say, “Don’t make the wrong decision because you are looking through the wrong lens.”

Your life matters and so do other people’s lives. Your decisions not only affect you, but they also affect others. So, again, choose wisely.

I hear the Lord say, “Make decisions that will lead you closer towards Me, and that will lead others closer towards Me.”

Every decision we make should be in harmony with God’s Word and with God’s redemptive plan. Our decisions should bring a smile to the heart of God and should maximise opportunities for others to encounter God.

As you can see, our decisions matter. Our life also matters – it really does – because we were created by God and for God.

There are no accidental lives. There are no random chances and fatalistic outcomes. No, there is a divine purpose and your name is known in heaven.

So, dear friends of God, choose wisely at your crossroads in this season – your decision might just save a life.