#5087 – Don’t Add

Good morning people who receive a deeper revelation of the sufficiency of God.

I want to declare to you today: There is no need to add to what God has done.

Many times we live like God is good and He has done lots of good things, but we also need to add much to this.

Do we really need to add to who God is and what He has done?

Or do we just need to embrace it, receive it and walk in it?

You are on God’s heart today, and His heart for you is greater freedom. It’s not about you doing more – it’s about you receiving more and believing more.

The devil is behind the perpetual lie that continually bombards many of God’s people. It declares, “You are not enough! You are not doing enough!”

The truth is, God is enough and He has done enough! It truly is about us receiving and walking in God’s finished work.

Even as I type this, some of you are arguing with this in your minds. You are focused on ways that you could improve and things that you should change. And I’m not saying we don’t need to continue to be sanctified – we do.

But our primary focus should not be on our need to do something more. It should be on us embracing what God has already done for us!

May revelation flow to us all today in Jesus’ name.