#5080 – Walk with Others

Good morning people who choose wisely as to who you walk life with.

1 Samuel 10:26 NIV Saul also went to his home in Gibeah, accompanied by valiant men whose hearts God had touched.

As humans, we weren’t created to do life alone. We were created in the image of God, and God Himself exists in perfect union as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Every believer should choose wisely who they walk with. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that sometimes it is unhealthy relationships that have caused people to wain in their passion for the Lord. For some, it is time to change your friends.

When stepping into a God-given place of spiritual authority, we would also do well to be accompanied by valiant people whose hearts God has touched. Leadership is tough enough as it is without walking with people whose hearts are divided from yours.

We don’t need to walk or lead with the most gifted or talented people. What we truly need is to walk with those whose hearts God has touched. This should be the criteria for leadership appointments in the things of God.

Are there relationships in your life that continually pull you away from God?

If so, maybe it’s time to step back from those relationships.

May we all have friends and be friends who are valiant because God has touched our hearts.