#5061 – Time with God #2

Good morning people who enjoy a walk with your Father.

I follow God’s whisper.

God is really good at knowing what will do me good. He really is. He knows me better than I know myself, and He knows what I need. So, in my times with the Lord, I follow His lead.

I don’t get writing on the wall or hear an audible voice. We must ensure we don’t think everyone has a vivid, undeniable, obvious to everyone else leading from God.

For the most part, God’s leading is a quiet whisper or a thought that comes to you. When your heart is turned towards God and you are intentionally stepping into time with Him, you can trust that this is God taking the lead. So, don’t overthink it – go with it.

I transition when God prompts me to do something different.

I don’t have worship time, then Bible reading time, then prayer time – a structured pattern. I start where I feel God leads me to start, then I enjoy time with Him doing that until I feel led to something different.

I might be reading God’s Word and feel compelled to start praying. So I start praying. I pray until I feel Father lead me to go back to His Word or onto something else. This unforced and unplanned rhythm is what helps me enjoy time with Father most.

For you, having a little more structure really works. If so, brilliant – don’t change it! Don’t copy what works for me if something is already working for you. Go with what works for you.

However, for some of you, your structure may be feeling restrictive, or it has made quiet times a task to do more than a relational encounter; someone to meet with. If so, remove the structure and ask God to lead you from the start. At a whisper or thought, start there and see what happens.

I have another thought that might help you – I’ll share it tomorrow.